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A Reliable Online Platform to Sell Your Products

If you are looking for a flexible and customizable place to sell online, SolarClue is the best platform for you to select!

SolarClue is a seller-centric marketplace, and therefore, we do not charge anything like no listing fees, no monthly store fees, plus no other sneaky fees, and we pay all advertising costs on your behalf until you make a sale. Our online platform allows sellers to make sales and build a brand by developing relationships with their customers.

Who We Are

We at SolarClue are one of the fastest-growing online platforms and marketplaces to sell a wide range of solar products online. The sellers can regulate the selling price, and SolarClue facilitates the transaction between both the Seller and its customer.


We manage the business on the go with the SolarClue mobile application or the website (Seller.SolarClue) that allows sellers to sell the same solar product in multiple cities at different prices.


By selling in an online marketplace like Seller.SolarClue, you can successfully build a stronger brand, capitalize on new e-commerce sales and marketing opportunities. And thereby it helps you cultivate strong customer base and more revenue for your brand.


How SolarClue works

We at SolarClue focus on integrating the solar companies across the country in one place to provide one-stop solution to all solar requirements thus creating a huge customer base for the sellers to sell their products on our platform and grow their business.
With our network, we provide opportunities for local sellers to expand their business to multiple locations across the country at their convenience and provide a multitude of renewable energy products for customers to choose from.
What we aim at SolarClue:
  • One platform for all solar requirements
  • Solar in every corner of India
  • Effortless platform to sell/buy
  • Contribute towards greener environment
  • Most competitive pricing model
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